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ー Brand Name ー Brand Name

『LUZeSOMBRA』(in Portuguese: Light and Shadow)

futebolista - GINGA MOVIMENTO -

Creating 21st century football culture that is good for one’s health and soul via stirring up by “futebol”

ー brand concept ー

Luz is new-generation football culture brand which thinks seriously and takes action to spread humans’ soul connections and deep respect for nature via making the concept “The lifestyle via playing with the earth with a ball”

ー What is GINGA? (in Portuguese: Swing) ー

The essential sense and imagination that are human’s natural energy such as footwork in futsal, basic movements of capoeira, and basic samba rhythms. Luz stretches the meaning of the sense “GINGA” as “to take action with feeling unlimited possibilities in our life”. Besides, this is our new policy theme to survive in the new age.

ー style ー

Luz established in April, 2005, is in activity based in YOKOHAMA and SHONAN are in Japan with a wide variety of crew by the style of “natural mystic futebolista (natural mystic football player”. The activities take into considerations to expand into a variety of apparel lines that treats natural surroundings if at all possible. The apparel lines develop in terms of sportswear specialized for futsal, and Luz positively adopts organic materials and recyclable materials to save our environment. Also, Luz confirms and supports crossover artists who express oneself freely regardless genres such as futsal teams, players, musicians,DJs, percussionists, surfers, skaters, snowboarders, mountain climbers, chefs, farmers, and painters. We create the brand loyalty in a strong position through football events on the theme of spiritual richness with the artists who came together from all over the world. Rin Nojima and Tomoki Tanaka, who are professional futsal players, forge the future of football from underground on the street and the beach.

Love, futebol, unity & sunshine